Dangdang self logistics is sinking three or four line market nightmare

July 3rd news, Dangdang in Tianjin this morning announced the opening of the Milky way 1 warehouse, at the press conference site, Dangdang and other logistics courier company reached a strategic cooperation agreement, such as four. Dangdang.com vice president section parity dangdang.com self logistics is not self built logistics, electricity supplier channel sink to three or four line city.

is different from the Jingdong self logistics, dangdang.com is currently used in warehouse outside the city self + intercity cooperation "model: Dangdang self storage center construction, but the distribution of this link in SF, tact, docking and three party courier companies, third party courier from Dangdang warehouse delivery.

why Dangdang does not self logistics Dangdang gives two reasons:

1, cost saving

Dangdang national warehouse Senior Director Ren said that through cooperation with the courier company, eliminating the 400 – 5 million single scale distribution costs.

according to the data provided by the official Dangdang, Dangdang logistics than self express low cost 30%. Duan Yucheng, in first-tier cities, dangdang.com logistics costs per unit of less than 4 yuan, this data is 70% competitors.

2, sinking the three or four line city

channel sink to three or four tier cities become the consensus of the current electricity supplier development.

channel sink is one of the important strategic Jingdong this year, in addition to a large scale in three whitewashing advertising to six line city, Jingdong in screening of employees to establish distribution distribution stations, distribution system expansion in three ~ six line city.

for Jingdong distribution, Dangdang does not agree. Duan Yu believes that the three or four line of the city market is not only electricity supplier in the future, but also self built logistics nightmare. He said that a number of widely distributed and a large city to make self logistics costs doubled; on the other hand, self built logistics cycle tutorial is difficult to meet the current needs of the blowout, efficiency can not be compared with the mature society logistics.

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