Behind the prosperity of domain name investment!

even now is not what happens. Before you can make love for a long time, but not registered to meters, but the only way to see the past rice to sell off.

              today to watch "265 Cai Wen Sheng Yun: morning interview with < > wealth network;" listen to Cai talking about domain name before that domain name: "rely on the rich, almost impossible". Very touching, the good domain is less and less, but the farmers are more and more, and even the so-called "domain name investment" concept. It seems to outsiders, domain name investment is indeed quite attractive, tens of thousands of dollars into the cost of thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

is this really the case? A domain name can sell tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of millions?

perhaps we clearly remember that the network spread of the domain name million price things, so that the network domain name heat immediately warming. Then the major Internet information sites often appear similar domain name news, some local sites are countless similar domain name investment success stories! The emergence of the report, but also aroused many hopes to be able to make money speculators.

In fact, the so-called

prosperity is some have an ulterior motive that people make false, how many people can really make money? As far as I know, most of the farmers are very narcissistic in meters warehouse full of corn, but can be phase only rarely, not even!

a. The reason for the formation of a false prosperity has two

1. is minon self hype, I am familiar with the "Dai Yue" is a famous character through the network hype the domain name industry. In the most difficult period of the AAM.COM.CN to less than two hundred yuan price to sell him. These so-called self hype, it let people pay attention to their own, so that they can really sell the domain name, such as: "cybersquatting" analyzes the development direction of Alibaba one glance, and is a writer for minon speculation about the hands of the domain name, but do not know who will not understand.

2. service provider CN domain name speculation, was able to have the status now, and the domain of price relations, but also cannot do without providers for you. While Cn domain names continue to cut prices, while through some special relationships frequently broke the domain name investment success story temptation. Some people who can not withstand the temptation not to blame.

in fact, the reason is very simple: domain name service provider fried red domain name investment, domain name investment fire Cn domain name, propped up the domain name service provider coffers.

said the domain name investment really do not make money, perhaps a bit too, but the whole industry, it is true. There is no city without rice.

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