t’s all free! Ctrip and Ali overseas visa service rivalry

text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui

visa service price war has reached the climax.

online travel industry leader Ctrip and get the Alibaba investment Bai Cheng yesterday also announced that future visa will not charge any fee for service charge only hard to pay to the consulate party consular fee". After the lucrative visa service market will be unprofitable, can expect a large number of small and medium visa service will disappear from the market.

this price war is lifted by ctrip. For a long time, visa by travel agencies and travel business packaged price of "fuzzy", leading to its casual fare, a country with a different visa travel agency price may differ hundreds of yuan. Last month, Ctrip called full transparent visa deal, the price of all visa products in accordance with the consulate price + service fee in full transparent form, and the service fee standards set at 0-150 yuan.

then, another OTA Bai Cheng travel network also announced the launch of "refused full refund service, namely by Bai Cheng travel for outbound travel visa, as happened to the consulate party refused, Bai Cheng will refund all payments including consular fees and service charges, the cost of two. In accordance with the consulates practices, citizens visa and early payment of the visa application fee is non refundable once refused. That is to say once refused, Bai Cheng will not only make money, but also pay compensation to consumers by the U.S. embassy or consulate consular fee charged by the party".

Ctrip as the online travel industry leader, has been adhering to the "make me less money, so you do not make money, the guiding ideology of" set off a price war in all areas of the tourism industry, the competition before the hotel reservation areas crush one by one, the art dragon, after the scenic spots in the field in the same way, it is the primary way to visa service in the field of.

positioning for the outbound travel service providers Bo Cheng travel visa agent, has been its core business, in this price war, the core business profit to be abandoned, Bai Cheng once loose CEO interview when he said that the company is focused on outbound travel business, make money through business visa is never to. It is understood that, in addition to the visa service, the other processes of the main road, including outbound travel, travel with the group, cruise, international hotels and international car rental, etc..

is the primary way to have confidence to compete with Ctrip, the reason is in March this year has just won $20 million financing, the investor is the Alibaba and broadband capital.

Ctrip and why do not go with the visa process in the past, because more and more outbound tourists, and the visa is equivalent to a flow entrance. He explained his early had an interview: "find, outbound travel crowd, a single will spend 1000 yuan, the cost is quite high, especially now from the open flow, will be higher. So for the general business is concerned, get 10 thousand single will spend about 10 million, now there are a few companies can afford such money?. Bai Cheng no traffic and no money, how do we choose from visa open >?

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