ran officials are shopping on Amazon, which will close their accounts

NetEase Francisco May 1st message, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. electricity supplier Amazon announced a number of disabled people in Iran Amazon account.

According to the company, in the past three years, some Iran officials on the Amazon to buy about $110000 worth of goods, including books, audio and video products, clothing and auto parts

. Amazon said that these accounts belong to the United States to impose economic sanctions on the scope of Iran, the company will no longer sell its goods.

the U.S. government because of Iran in violation of the nuclear agreement reached in July last year and its economic sanctions, suspend its Amazon account is part of its economic sanctions.

Washington says the Tehran government has violated the nuclear agreement. This is mainly due to the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to freeze the seizure of the property of the Central Bank of Iran. Iran’s foreign minister Mohamed · · (Mohammad Javad Zari) on this letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations to seek UN involvement in the United Nations Secretary General Zarif.

According to the United States Supreme Court ruled that nearly $2 billion of assets will be paid to the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, Iran, which has nothing to do with Tehran. Zarif made the decision of the Court seized of beauty assets in Iran strongly condemned, said it is "a mockery justice", "the naked highway robbery".

on Friday the United States to maintain its court decision, do not think that the violation of the relevant provisions of international law. U.S. State Department spokesman Mark · (Mark Toner), said, we believe that the United States and the United States under the framework of the relevant judgments made in accordance with the national law is consistent with the."

at the same time, the United Nations confirmed receipt of Iran foreign minister Zarif’s letter, said he was willing to help resolve the dispute between the two countries. United Nations spokesman Stephen · (Stephane Dujarric), said, we will pay close attention to it." He added: "as a United Nations principle, the Security Council will mediate the tension and problems between the two sides."

Iran officials pointed out that although the nuclear agreement, but the United States has been hostile to Tehran policy.

Wednesday, the president of Iran, "we’ll look at it clearly." United Nations spokesman Du Garik Stephen told reporters.

"as a matter of principle… The mediation of the secretary general is always available on both sides of the request for any tension or issue," he added.

Iran officials said the United States has maintained a hostile policy towards Tehran, despite the nuclear agreement.

Wednesday, President Hassan · (Hassan Rouhani) pointed out that the United States government expropriation of assets in Iran >

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