Defense against the United States and the United States to fight online double 11 Jingdong 3C Market

iPhone 6 days before, because of demand, the enthusiasm of fruit powder is too hot, the market was once out of state, and even some businesses hike. While the United States online with other businesses but draw further apart, sang Fandiao, one of the biggest highlights of double 11 opener October 28th is open 4999 yuan panic buying iphone6. Insiders said that the United States online this price is almost equal to take away all the profits, has always been known for the United States online price, it is possible to set off a 3C war.

October 28th, Gome online double 11 big promotion opener officially kicked off, you will lose 11 double parity Jingdong 300, price guarantee 30 days post return home, 3C spot PK Tmall sale, 000 commodities more than 50 percent off, Tesla free opening event on the line. One of the most attractive is the 28 day before the 50 – and 3000 single user stores first single user, will enjoy the highest 4999 yuan free single, this also means good luck, 4999 yuan iPhone6

can be free to take home!


defends appliances counterattack Jingdong 3C

has always been the main battlefield of the United States online and Jingdong in large appliances, Jingdong has recently said that the dual 11 home appliances in the Jingdong, apparently to the United States online declaration of war. Gome online also will not give up their own core appliance advantages, from 28 of the 11 double open opener, all brands of small appliances 50 percent off electric special, special, full of hundred thousand less maximum minus 2000, 40 inch 40CE5100 TV 1598 yuan, the joint venture of SANYO SONY KDL-48WM15B 48 Inch Full HD LED TV 3899 yuan, Haier LE40B3000W 40 inch TV 1799 yuan, Royalstar RB6006S 6 kg washing machine 799 yuan, low-cost explosion models, and are in stock, without pre-sale. It is worth mentioning that the United States online in addition to defense, the Jingdong launched a fierce counterattack.

3C digital is the core category of Jingdong, Jingdong in November 4 – 5 launched a special science and technology boom, the flagship of the latest 3C digital boutique. Gome online is chosen for early closure, 28 days to open the double 11 opener in addition to 4999 yuan iPhone6, Apple’s other products are loose. IPhone5s iPhone4s as long as 3999 yuan, only 2048 yuan, Apple has just released the new iPad Air2 iPad mini3 for 3577 yuan, 2877 yuan, without an appointment orders immediately hand, gave 88 yuan coupons general audience, Gome online blowing a storm of apple".

In addition to the apple

series, red rice 1s 3G mobile phone 728 yuan, HUAWEI glory 6 high Version (H60-L12) of China Unicom’s 4G mobile phone; HP Envy DV4-5315TX14.0 inch notebook computer 2999 yuan; SONY N>

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