Jingdong global purchase on cross-border electricity supplier tax deal Huang Qiu

along with the introduction of cross-border electricity supplier deal, Jingdong global purchase also came on the line of a node. In yesterday’s anniversary, the global purchase of Jingdong responsible Qiu Huang shared the world’s performance over the past year to buy. For the recent cross-border deal and triggered positive list, hot Qiu Huang, after 8 days this month, cross-border electricity price of some commodities will rise, but the rise in the price of space is the consumer electronic business platform, as well as brands take up.

According to Qiu Huang

, since its establishment in April 15, 2015, the global Jingdong purchase to self +POP platform "mode have been opened in France, Japan and the United States nine national pavilion, to establish a strategic partnership with eBay, Kao Group, more than 3 million 300 thousand SKU.

Qiu Huang said, from a strategic, global Jingdong 2016 purchase will plan to do three things, namely, the rapid expansion of product category; do some layout in the bonded warehouse, overseas positions, for example, self built logistics distribution system for the distribution of goods overseas brands and suppliers; strategy.

looks in Qiu Huang, the introduction of the new deal will also have a certain impact on the Jingdong’s global purchase of commodity categories and commodity prices. Qiu Huang believes that from the perspective of consumers, as part of the commodity price adjustment in the short term, consumers may have some impact, but the long-term effect is very low, because of cross-border electricity supplier channels, compared with the general trade, there is still a certain price advantage, just before the greater advantage.

for businesses, Qiu Huang believes that the positive list of some categories, but the whole category of electronic business platform can be adjusted in the category above. "I give an example, such as relatively high watches, dairy products category these rates, we will make some appropriate contraction; advantages in the category, for example, the median price of cosmetics, and some food and drinks, we will expand the" Qiu Huang explained.

industry analysts believe that 2016 will be a crucial year for cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electricity providers will enter the competition to compete in the supply chain, services, logistics, including the stage of comprehensive strength. In the future, may form a giant electricity supplier as the main market, the company’s new products or services to supplement the competitive landscape.

According to

chart data SkyScope day mirror inspection system data show that in April 8th the phenomenon after the tax reform platform of the sea Amoy goods have more or less the price. The Jingdong and shop No. 1 sea Amoy popular category as an example, the highest proportion of milk prices, the Jingdong in the global purchase adult milk price rate is as high as 60%, while the infant milk powder also has 43.83% commodity prices, in addition to No. 1 sea purchase make-up commodity prices accounted for much higher than the Jingdong.

introduced in the front of the list before the tax reform, is to let the cross-border electricity have be taken by surprise. According to the positive list, fresh goods, liquid milk and other commodities are not included in the list, cosmetics and formula milk also set the access threshold. Cosmetic requirements are not imported for the first time, formula milk must be in accordance with the "food safety law" >

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