A large micro bubble mobile provider pattern is reshaping your life or die gap

micro business dispute origin too long, first with "Ma lay Taobao" success story warns people: do Taobao years ago now are rich but you don’t do it now, micro business under the new situation, how can you miss the opportunity to make money; then people have poured into the contingent derivative, chaos with marketing marketing, user crusading sound…… Finally, micro business line seems to be immediately, immediately to break!

in fact, behind the big micro business bubble, hidden in the whole world is the reform of the electricity supplier.

micro business was born, it faces many voices of doubt, with all kinds of micro business start, popular and gradually fell in Ma, synchronous micro business performance and business moving trend, behind is actually part of the micro business by the electricity supplier industry reshuffle.

2014, micro business was with acquaintances and friends quickly after the economic electricity supplier in the field of scenery, the micro business marketing division Liu said, for the beauty in the field of micro earning large quantities of gold each day’s really no longer words, of course it is for the first batch of mask, do beauty micro business, but the most recent the situation suddenly the whole problem is not a sudden turn for the worse, derivative market is getting worse, but users have become more rational, the development of derivative and the entire field of mobile providers are stepping into a new stage of development, from the original weeds, seemingly lush become increasingly standardized, many micro brands no product failures, many agents so anxious but also has scorched by the flames, a large number of micro business entrepreneurs, with full confidence to embrace, or micro business world is already owned.

they and those who had been blown down by a pneumatic derivative "defeat" groups have what different?

has 10 years of experience in the field of network marketing, said Anber, the last two years to take over the operation of micro operators: the royal family in the field of jewelry brand, is a very typical case of successful micro business.

and a lot of micro business operators, in 2014, a lot of micro business operators are busy, gobble down profits, the accumulation of user trust in the Royal Anber do is to train a number of relatively more seed user loyalty; in many micro business busy develop offline, agents when the Royal Anber is concerned about the development of the trend of mobile providers, how busy from derivative messy into normalization, the platform of the brand of micro business, mobile end users of consumer habits, and often recruit all kinds of micro operators to improve their own talent, the micro platform business model.

a year’s time, the Royal Anber although only the development of more than 1000 micro business distributors, monthly revenue is an average of about 600 thousand, that is not a micro business, but it is definitely regarded as a superior micro brands, apart from these data, the ancient Chinese thought Beijing, they see more heavy or the user training and the micro business, mobile business development.

experienced a number of distribution, the whole system of micro business began to re shape.

Tencent official to occupy micro main

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