Mobile nternet shopping grab easy to be cheated There are 360 OS to ensure safety

rapid development of mobile Internet in recent years, staggering. Last year, Tmall double eleven shopping carnival, mobile terminal turnover reached 24 billion 300 million, accounting for a total turnover of 42.6%, showing that a large part of people still prefer to take the phone shopping. This year, Tmall not only to mobilize their own mobile APP full force, but also mobilized other mobile platform power. Can be seen on the mobile phone mobile terminal attention. However, the mobile phone has brought us more and more quickly, while the mobile phone security issues are increasingly prominent. From the DCCI joint 360 release in the second half of 2014, mobile privacy security report can be learned: more than 90% of Android mobile phone users in the privacy of smart phones. At the same time, up to 92.9% of users believe that the intelligent mobile phone has privacy risks, more than 70% mobile phone users worry about mobile phone software privacy, mobile phone software has become one of the second channels of mobile phone user privacy is lost outside.


with the double 11 approaching, the proportion of mobile phone users this year will be greater shopping, the property and privacy issues are also more serious. As the domestic well-known security company, mobile phone system features 360 main security development of the 360 OS, can protect our mobile phone users well in double 11 when shopping privacy and property safety. As a well-known mobile phone system, 360 OS show a unique advantage in the user’s privacy and property safety, its four major functions, allowing mobile phone fraud SMS and virus nowhere to hide.

1, property isolation system to protect property safety

360 OS built an independent property isolation system to protect users in the use of financial assets when the software security issues. Open the property isolation system, the phone has created a separate pure system, so that it is completely separate from the ordinary system, effectively avoid the virus trojan in the general system to steal the user’s property. Using the system in the network will be 360 security VPN isolation protection, and this system prohibits screenshots, to prevent bank information being stolen or two-dimensional code screenshot.



property in isolation system, only from the security market to install the application, the security market is the main application of bank APP, financial and stock, so as to eliminate the root causes of the application to download applications with a virus or counterfeit. Even if the user is late fishing links, malicious Trojans also have no way to run automatically in this system, which ensures that the mobile phone from the bottom of the outside world can not use Trojan viruses or other forms of fishing link to steal or change the account password, and a line of defense for the user’s personal property security. In most Android systems, the general application can also get the right to read the contents of the message, including the bank sent a verification code sms. In the property isolation system will automatically identify these payment verification message, and isolation encryption, does not allow unrelated Applications >

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