Foreign trade station access to search engines and visitors favored skills

to do foreign trade website optimization, webmaster want to get the search engine, the favor of visitors, we can from what aspects of efforts and improvement?

web page title.

open the first page of each web search engine and user access to information is the top of the browser page title text. But it is easy to ignore many site builders, leading to the unification of the page title, if the search engine included order inquiry, usually manifests as like as two peas Title results, is not conducive to the spider identify the page key words, seriously affect the page ranking, other common problems of Title design unreasonable and stack keywords, or keywords in title "the text does not appear, which is not consistent with the content of title.

pay attention to product description.

search engine is based on text retrieval. A large number of foreign trade website products only the same number, size, packaging and other information, the lack of effective keywords. In fact, no matter how large, beautiful pictures, search engines are useless, because it can not grab. Too many pictures too little text is extremely detrimental to search engine optimization practices. On the other hand, the space required for the picture is too large, too much to slow down the loading speed of the web page, in order to fall in love with you spider, the webmaster to cause the attention of the text description.

moderate reduction of dynamic web pages.

although the dynamic page will increase the visual effect of the product, but the dynamic web page is relatively static web pages, in the search engine included and rankings are not an advantage. Due to the adoption of dynamic URL form, the product page of the foreign trade website is extremely unfavorable to the search engine, and the webmaster should implement the static transformation of the dynamic web page through the technical program.

avoid over optimization.

excessive optimization is usually some index of the web site in the search engine attention on stack keywords for search engines, some only and not for the user behavior, such as keyword stuffing in domain name and URL.

add external link resources.

external links breadth and correlation is an important reference for the website search engine to determine the quality of the website is completed, want to do some link to their sites on other sites, such as login classification catalogues, exchange Links etc.. The webmaster can often go to foreign trade forum, to try to understand the idea of foreigners, the forum will have a lot of need to exchange Links, he can take this to the webmaster veteran learning exchanges, efforts to expand the channels resources to increase the external links.

site to transparent

visitors can through a very detailed page, to understand your product information from a trusted perspective, provide you with more elements of reality, your corporate image in the minds of customers is more perfect more tall. It’s much better than we do some unnecessary advertising. >

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