Who says Taobao C store future dark Offbeat marketing Zoupian Jian Feng to help you create a miracle


group, is the enthusiasm of friends surrounded by the boat will share before the operation of a project experience, summed up now, hope to make friends with the understanding of the later group system.

C store, that is, Taobao’s store, it is estimated that the most common presence, but with the support of Ali group of Tmall’s favor, leading to the existence of a little precarious C shop.


C shop, why is it dangerous? Why not do it? Why do you think the future is dark?

two key points: 1 no flow, no one to see; 2, no credibility, traffic to the trust is not enough, coupled with the temptation to jump off other concessions, no deal;

but what’s in the C store,


natural network transaction environment, transaction transaction trust, the most important transaction system, especially Alipay, so that people can trade. This is the lack of many B2C sites.

and I share the boat that Taobao C shop offbeat promotion, is the use of the natural environment transaction Zoupian Jian Feng, C shop to create some of the credibility and flow.

What is the

credit? Not in Taobao terminology, it is a quantifier, the score to say how much drilling, Taobao station, it is the trust, the customer is willing to believe you, willing to give you pay, and this trust embodied, probably specific, just a personal name.

said a specific point of it, a lot of celebrity celebrity Taobao shop, the price of expensive dead expensive, there are still a lot of people do not hesitate to buy, not how to promote, there are still a lot of people looking for past attention.

we are just ordinary people, there is no visibility, but we can build a sense of trust with these stars, the same concern.

feel strange? Amazing?

I give you an example, a man is selling furniture furnishings, I use A instead, but the store business is not good, the location is a bit biased, you know, but A hospitality, often share apartment layout design in the Internet, decoration decoration industry skills and experience, people get help from the A. Plus, A is very helpful, always put yourself to help improve the housing apartment layout design, decoration and so on procurement operation, indeed help people save a lot of money at the same time, the effect is not bad.

we feel A people are good, in the design and decoration of the apartment decoration, is indeed a "specialist", something is also customary to find him, and gradually have a kind and trust. A I help others at the same time all took their own store address and contact telephone number, although only for accidents, but later, people have come to, some people even drove all the way to buy him Home Furnishing jewelry, said after what is decorated, just need to dress up new furniture furnishings.

…… His business is on fire

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