How to find opportunities Witkey

may be tired of doing the station, followed by doing software development, everything has a curve of the law of development, so now is to seek new projects to provide some of my friends experience.

we can through the search engine Baidu a lot of Witkey website, this product Witkey WEB2.0, maximize the advantages of the Internet is to share mutual advantages of using the network platform to integrate the wisdom of each.

so how are we going to find some business opportunities through Witkey, very simple, Witkey is an online platform for outsourcing, bridging between the whole project and technology, which projects through which you can find in the Internet is the most popular technology, what resources are valuable or straight is valuable. By which you can know, what is the most concerned, what is the current demand of customers. Here you should understand it, is that you can pass to for some Witkey you are interested in investigating the project, so as to get your results.

said one example, take the network TV, you can see many Witkey platform is developed in the multimedia on demand requirements of P2P, QVOD, coupled with the emergence of the Marx film department, the movie station can use a "flood" to describe. Which leads to a lot of Baidu’s K station, the movie station is more and more difficult, but have not found, there are also many innovative movie station, is a lot of people accepted model, is the software + mode of the website, the website software bundled software version, can increase the PR value of the site, at the same time can go to the major download station to publish, download station to bring you flow, so you can get more users, including the user experience will be. At the same time you need this, if you can not meet can also go to the station to release the Witkey, and advance can promote your new sites, ha ha, this way had a very cow webmaster also wrote, writing is how to promote your web site by witkey. Interested can use Baidu Search, your needs stated, do the software version of the price will be up in the 500-1000 range, can meet your needs, I have seen before a home, do a good job, their official website is my friend’s website in his order, the specific amount of money I don’t know, but because it is not too expensive, as long as the software flow right away. You know the current TV network for the away official, and some TV polymerization do these station like nine, heaven and man are good.

in fact, as long as you have a pair of good eyes, you will find a lot of opportunities around you, I recently are busy doing some new projects, marketing, hope to all the webmaster can do so, do research station, carefully, will have their own piece of the sky.