Do staff and team must see the micro channel easecredit marketing article

Hello, I was thinking, as a senior Internet practitioner, of course, will be the first time to download, to play, feel this software and other software to attract what place, however, when I just joined easecredit, can not wait to add friends, found no people near, shake a wave function, then, I also found my mobile phone mail list, a word on the right side of the invitation to let my heart cold, then look at random under in QQ space, find friends playing easecredit, I added, then, good friends up more slowly, play a day, always feel something is wrong, the original plus friends there are half of what marketing, in the circle of friends to send what I have to Xinqun million people, I have seven thousand or eight thousand friends. I thought, if you count so much, you go to play micro-blog bar, here is not welcome you.

this time I want to say that the content is to do these marketing people, WeChat, easy to believe that the application of mobile terminal is not suitable for you to play, do not destroy this piece of clean land. If there are related people to see this article, please add me WeChat: tt_tech, thank you.

WeChat is trading is an open letter privacy agency social

we often contact such as client, social software and community groups, to know what is the strong relationship, to know what is the weak relationship, now the community of software so much, we should be classified, which do what the relationship between the community strong easy to receive orders, compared to what to eat weak relationship community incense, this there are unspoken rule, you do marketing can not destroy the rules of the game, the game changed algorithm, it is good to nobody.


, easy to believe in with friends is simple and convenient, we can’t use this one crazy people, which has reached seven thousand or eight thousand friends of the marketing staff, I ask, can you remember who? Do you think you and people will do the people? Certainly to later become worthy of the name the zombie fans, you will either choose a foreign friends, or choose to apply for an account, if it is, you waste time to regret past doings so long to play? Hell with


easy to believe more like QQ with "the love of classical space" button

how to see a person’s circle of friends is active, see his news whether someone "love" "comment", as the QQ space, you send a message, there will be many people praise you! Good karma, someone cares about you. But you can’t use them to give you hair advertising, no sign content in the so-called space, boring piece, etc..

is now easecredit, I love here easecredit friends because plus a lot of marketing team account, will find the same content, but the content is also quite a lot of people love, do not know this information where attractive? We all know is nothing more than to write easy letter skills, and it will be enough, there are a few hours.