Let me talk about how the site


friends all know how to position is a headache, has had the ability of making web page, but in order to site positioning and worry, let me talk about how to locate the site.

from the most basic consideration, we have what skills, what are your hobbies, for example, I cook, then you can consider to do with delicacy related site, if not what you consider what you have to get some acquaintance information or news, and you can gather information and the related content, can be used as the theme of the site to do, then you are not what you do not! Can refer to some website location listed below.


features small food web

nets (terror must have traffic but I would not ha)

vomiting nausea network

psychiatric hospital network

toilet paper

what to eat every day to choose food network

industry tools sales network

beauty look handsome network

stunt video network

Peking Opera

Cultural Revolution network

the use of daily life appliances use network

network (offbeat night life don’t think how romantic such as night bar disco what)

livestock slaughter network

factory worker network

professional white-collar office network

elderly Network

do charity charity network

online question answering network


foreign habits network

minority network

high paid public sector introduction network

financial methods network

student fashion life network

small business how to survive network

More than

were only reference for some people to see what’s hot on what to do, but also to reprint, in the present network environment has not, to the web site and others out of the ordinary to do it, the whole point of new things, the website could be developed, in order to survive. I look at the next station how to profit afraid you can’t see the 80% not to earn money webmaster looking over http://s.0123k.cn