0 how to get rid of the cost of 10000 irons consumers, so that the effect of maximizing the network

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, social media era, everyone is from the media, we are consumers, but also communication, valuable content can be effectively spread in the era of social media, to help enterprises.


information group, on the basis of network marketing training, and provide insight into consumer market analysis and marketing strategy, social integration services, word-of-mouth marketing, media operations and other social marketing services for enterprises based on network marketing to provide comprehensive services for enterprises.

I (ANN Dongsheng, WeChat, QQ:512771530) believes that for businesses, the greatest value of social media is that the possibility of direct communication between enterprises and consumers to provide the possibility. In traditional times, businesses and consumers through advertising, media, and various channels and agents, in the era of big data, broke all the social media, social media makes between enterprises and consumers more closely linked. As long as the performance in the following areas:

(1) through the official website of the enterprise, can communicate directly with consumers, access to their views on the product, customer service, user surveys, etc., to optimize the enterprise product planning and service development.

(2) social media is a relatively high cost of communication channels, creative content and chain based on social media, enterprises can lower the cost touch to the consumer, and the consumer’s own chain and reputation, have two times of communication, advertising and marketing in the traditional it is very hard to do the.

(3) chain, mobile social media advantage, can make enterprises in order to integrate advertising, electricity providers, content, new technology and activities under the line resources, provide a seamless integration of the transmission chain, has changed the mode of transmission among separated and formed a set of integrated communication, maximize influence of consumers, promote brand awareness and product sales.

network marketing is the core logic: to attract attention, the occurrence of relations, become friends, enlarge the reputation.

first from the media through a variety of activities, attract social media users attention; then they hope to have more interaction and provide more valuable content, let consumers and brands become friends, become friends in, will become a real fans, fans of the economy have possibility; finally is spread through the battle or application activities, enlarge these fans reputation value, and help enterprises to achieve sales.

big data era, how to get rid of the 0 cost of the hard core of consumers, so that the effect of maximizing the network marketing, enterprises need something?

(1) friends, said the people: the enterprise is no longer superior, but the figure and consumers down friends, brands and consumers are equal, and is no longer the official mouthpiece of the cold, to listen to the voice of the consumer, sincere communication with consumers, media operations to "speak", and close to the consumer daily life, not only for consumers.