Domestic small and medium enterprises B2C mode operation promotion strategy

1 see media publicity

a large B2B platform both at home and abroad to collect information about urban has a lot of media promotion and publicity, is mainly for different B2B platform implementation of the mind, then we can from this point on those exposed B2B platform implementation form, development trend and planning in strength. We are on time every B2B site selection can be used as a focus on the analysis of the web site.

2 to see the site data

here to see the site data is mainly from a few aspects to see a website, mainly for the site’s search engine related data.

A, the PR value of the site

B, the world rankings

C, the site is included in the search engine

can be seen from the above points briefly the basic situation of a web site, for example, when we see a B2B PR platform for 7, and ranked 100 in the world, so we can see this very natural site in the world of value and attention, after these fundamental data we can eliminate a lot of junk without any value of the site.

3 for group

divided into two categories in the user groups,

1, group product classification, our priority is the user groups positioning on my website and my web site, then the pre positioning is very important, especially for my product implementation, if the location is not clear if we devote more money to the value is not high, we need to choose it is related to my product, for example at present many comprehensive B2B website, looks very good, but due to the more specific and not specialized for a classification product to do, and then to a website he a B2B industry looks value should be high. But the situation is not so practical, so we demand that our investigation in the choice of B2B is very relevant and when can I product, then the second point is to Not around the user groups in the implementation of, for example, you do the plastic machinery, so when you publish information to the time of plastic products, actually a lot of people seem to be irrelevant, because one is mechanical, one is finished, of course, these two groups are a main one is the customer relationship, in fact, the integration of the implementation of results is very good, of course, at present many B2B site audit is very fierce, so we have to do these..

2, user group classification, this point in the country basically is not very difficult, so when foreign trade B2B website selected this is a crucial time for us, is a special product to do, so we must think about our product status, our business situation, we can fit around the website and the promotion of foreign trade marketing, for example, your product is.