Takeaway O2O pack dig users, mining user technology which is stronger in the end

has been the group purchase website has been the mainstream trend of catering market development, more and more catering website has become the first, the entire food industry and, as the market continues to expand, more and more food and beverage market has become a turning point in the development of the Internet, more and more food and beverage form become an inexhaustible motive force for the development of the Internet, catering recently, including the zero line, hungry, I have it, Internet applications become catering catering market O2O development of new power support, more and more users start digging takeaway market, compared to the previous group purchase, more diverse forms, after this battle for the market will become more intense, mining user the technology which is stronger in the end, we will wait and see.

catering electricity supplier, subvert the traditional model

traditional catering industry nature of strong industry belonged to, and the rigid demand of customers is relatively large, but with the rise and development of Internet, more and more food and beverage industry begin to touch the development of the Internet, the Internet has become another important aspect of the development, the traditional line distribution and carry out once, the most the substantive development of the catering industry but, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013 Chinese catering industry O2O online subscribers exceeded 100 million, reaching 139 million. 2013 China’s catering industry O2O market size reached 62 billion 280 million, compared to 2012 growth of 61.1%; by 2015, China’s catering industry O2O market size will reach about 120 billion. The expansion of the Internet electricity supplier has become a new representative of the development of the entire food and beverage market, spawned a number of forms of network catering.

takeaway market, the profit control model

the current domestic food market has jumped out of the group purchase mode thriving situation, the market profit model have gradually become a new driving force to promote the differentiation and development of the market, the development of the market, the outside part of the market profit is mainly depends on the light mode of a Taobao style, focusing on the entire the operation of online traffic, to the catering market through online traffic guide traffic aggregation, in addition to this model, the most important thing is a heavy model, this model is mainly based on the flow line of line distribution, logistics is the most important aspect of the fight, fight speed, through effective line the layout of the increasing heavy profit pattern space, whether it is light or heavy mode mode for traffic control and effective service is the catering market The key to development.

deep user, highlight the soft power of the Internet

for the development of the Internet and catering, Internet catering either light mode or mode, should be the most important for the user to grasp the user thinking is the key to the development of catering, as the rigid demand of users, the user is in the deep development of the key takeaway, O2O is not only a kind of online operation. The double operation of online and offline, using online and offline. >