The role of creativity (positioning) for websites

yesterday night, a netizen to seek cooperation in the Internet, feel good ideas, to create the world’s largest Witkey website within a year, see this gentleman’s voice, I have no desire to talk about it, regardless of how his ideas, Ma Yun Ali mother even to three years are not profitable, not know why he is so much to grasp.

creative, said "Creative, Creativity, Ideas" in English, is the creation and development of the meaning of what is creative? It is said to be inspired, is said to have innovation, some people say it is good idea… And in the website, personal feeling can be regarded as the theme of the site location, or a a special column, for can influence the website’s success, should be related, so here only take it as a theme of the site or location of.

has come up with a lot of their own before since that good ideas, do well in the best of spirits a plan, the Internet search, the same or similar to a multi site, China greatcountry, 1 billion 400 million people, the great crash probability thought, which is almost 100%, since there are a lot of people can think of, certainly not all people can succeed, therefore, a good idea is not equal to the website will succeed.

is a website that is just a part of the theme positioning, the Internet has been filled with vast amounts of information, no matter how the unique site in the mass of information, is not worth mentioning, easy to be ignored. People found this website on the Internet, how to attract people to come in, to attract people to visit and how to make people see more, see how to let people visit again, not just the site location to decide, whether the page content is rich, beautiful, can affect the outcome of.

how to make the page beautiful, rich in content, it also involves a lot of factors, columns, this is the content which is added, planning, editing, page design, this is the art and planning, browsing speed, and design and program are involved, these theme position of the site has not so affected big.

, of course, a very important factor in the success of the site is also good ideas, good ideas to promote, but also conducive to attract popularity, in a word, good ideas can promote the successful website, but can not determine the site of success. Good creative, with good execution, can let the website development.

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