See how to make new sites rookie quickly Baidu Google included

      my contact website not long, is fully prepared to a month, the site is now used or downloaded from the web template, do not want to own design and production of templates, it is utterly ignorant of, or download the ASP template can be used to pass up, unlike what database like PHP also, we can set up their own, is that those rookie ah, finally put the site built, but no one to visit that is not done well, but we want to earn dollars.

      it must promote, at least let Baidu Google is not included, can do to be included, submit a site that is too light passive, but Baidu know, I am a hard hearted special day to stay in the know to answer the question, the way to your own web site attached answer back, a busy day, the second day out, oh, boy, should be included in Google, Baidu also included third days, although only a page can somehow also show up, I have attached a few days stay in Baidu know, the effect is really good.

      now mixed with about 1000 of the traffic every day, for the novice like me have been very satisfied, put a GG advertisement, foreigners earn dollars, the mood indescribably beautiful, talk rubbish a master if you smile, like me, low give it a try, finally accidentally revealed your own website although stationmaster net specified not to play AD, who told me is a rookie, AD also so confidently, let everyone laughed.