Under the small analysis Nanning space-time – Nanning space-time network – Nanning Forum

small analysis: Nanning space-time – Nanning space-time network – Nanning time and space forum

key words: Guangxi Nanning time and space network

this is the gateway to Nanning, is the first to develop the local portal in Nanning, its commercial operation so that it’s rapid development!

now they have completed the construction of the brand, but they do not meet the status quo, Nanning can not meet the appetite for rapid development,

we can peep from its name reflected: Nanning space, to space network now, less than two words: Nanning.

so, the idea of space-time network is based on Nanning, the development of Guangxi and even china.

I look at their corn: nnsky.com

NN personally feel that the original is to use the abbreviation of Nanning, sky is the sky, even the space-time.

Nanning time and space to do the latest popularity of the forum, is still the best popular forum,

they opened a sub channel of each city, it is based on the development of the region’s capital, superior in stratagem, and this is their strategy.

this is a relatively successful case to do a local portal, such as the local Guangxi Nanning site to go beyond the Nanning time and space network, it should be more difficult.

by the way of the Nanning time and space bar and Guangxi bar network:

this should be the promotion of the Guangxi bar network objects, in fact, it is also used to promote the Nanning time and space network of the Guangxi bar network,

it really is the boss, to learn to learn. AD Guangxi bar network http://s.gx98.cn

Nanning space bar channel, mainly to do Nanning bar activities, market information, cooperation and also a journal with information sharing.

Large user dependent

space network and huge traffic to do publicity, but also more successful, this is the reason Guangxi bar network publicity and space network in Nanning do not

positive touch!

Guangxi bar network also has a relative advantage: focus on the bar, focusing on bar information, from a certain point of view, but also the local bar Guangxi portal (small blow)

Guangxi bar network weaknesses: unable to reach the huge customer base of Nanning time and space network. For some time, the Guangxi bar network is still dependent on the Nanning time and space network to do publicity.

network does not need to do basic network promotion, their own staff in real life is a good promotion, and the effect is good steel.

this is the promotion of the network, in addition to the network you want to do to promote popularity, take traffic, not as real as the promotion of human flesh, it is the most faithful traffic!