Music as a result of sports $10 million lead Octopus vote B round of financing

music as a result of $10 million investment led Octopus lottery B round of financing

sina science and technology news February 25th evening news, music, as sports announced today’s $10 million investment in the domestic lottery service operators Octopus lottery B round of financing. Octopus lottery said the current valuation of nearly $100 million.

in addition, the two sides jointly develop the super quiz game will start on March 4th in the same day, on the line in music as sports platform.

official information, octopus lottery was founded in 2013, formerly known as (Zhang Yuwang). Founded in Beijing, currently employs more than 70 people.

lead Octopus vote B round of financing, is another action as the music sports layout of the football industry. At the beginning of 2016, the title of Beijing country music as sports team, sports as a holding company of football, search data acquisition platform, TV sports live octopus purchased in new media two years of exclusive rights, and has signed more than and 100 domestic football venues operating rights. (Zhang Jun)