Science only network Chen Jian young people how entrepreneurship in the field of 2B There are three

in October this year, enterprise management cloud service providers, just before the network announced the acquisition of 600 million yuan B round of financing, becoming the largest domestic enterprise service sector B round of financing, particularly eye-catching in the capital of winter.

only network founder Chen Jian as Chinese HR SaaS veterans, former UF, Kingdee executives of large domestic listed companies, has led the development of domestic four generation enterprise management software and Internet applications.

recently, Chen Jian accepted the interview with him I horse, and the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience in the enterprise services for more than 20 years of work in recent years, the share of enterprise service agent, 2B and 2C broke out differences in Entrepreneurship and enterprise class services industry and how to further problems combined with the finest view, I hope to inspire entrepreneurship service in the field of enterprise.

the following is Chen Jian share content by I horse editing:

do 2C and 2B entrepreneurship what is the difference

The biggest difference between

2C and 2B entrepreneurship is that 2B startups need to have a lot of experience, because it involves a lot of business logic, applications and resources. So generally speaking, young entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship is very difficult 2B. 2C often come up with an idea to grab a point that a small project can make it bigger.

from the 2B speaking, not to see how much creativity you have, but in business management, which has a variety of business and systems, the need for many years of accumulation. In addition, 2C often rely on individual entrepreneurship can be done gradually, 2B, whether it is from product marketing, or the market, the service is concerned, each need a strong team, which is two different places.

third is a different place, 2C is throwing money and money into the project, to hit the market often need to play a lot of advertising, the first time to occupy the market. 2B does not need to hit a lot of money, as long as you do the product, the customer can feel your value, reputation up.

enterprise services outbreak in recent years

1, the rise of mobile Internet

for a long time, China’s enterprise service is in a more painful and difficult period, that is, the demand has been far more than the company’s products in the service. Whether it is the degree of improvement of the product or service quality, it is difficult to serve the management of enterprises.

in the enterprise service for this one, with SaaS, on the surface is the traditional thing moved to the Internet, but in essence, is the transformation of the mode of operation, using the features of it, especially to some enterprise service difficulties, problems are solved the pain point.

so in this piece of words, the demand is very strong, but now found a solution to this demand. Through the Internet platform to build an ecosystem, and then the application of the above fragmentation, is a good idea.

2, capital >