From the Moonlight blog the brand is the only way to successfully run the blog

according to a survey report is old statistics, as of the third quarter of 2008, there are about 70 million blogs worldwide, including Chinese blog about up to 8%, which has a large influence on the Chinese blog is scanty. Some of the blog is mainly recorded personal life, such as Sina blog in the mysterious Acosta, some blog record is the public type of industry information and experience, such as the famous moonlight blog.

horizontal analysis, these blogs all have one thing in common, that is: brand. So how to build an influential blog is very important for the future development of blog. Of course, personal life blog can ignore the following content.

my Internet blog online fun online also operates a few weeks time, there are a few insignificant experience, and I hope to share with you:

first of all, to create a brand blog needs its blog around the center of the brand depth expansion.

Why can

Moonlight blog in the first few years of rapid development? Because it provides value, its orientation and target, so that each blogs people can feel deeply the connotation; for Moonlight blog, not a world full of empty article is not a long and minute statement, speak generally, but in reality experience and knowledge. This depth of the blog to blog in the Internet brand stickiness greatly enhanced, and gradually form brand awareness and identity.

see the Internet on many blogs from life experience, to speak generally, Internet, literature, entertainment, this blog can’t let visitors get to focus on the value, and involves a wide range of Bowen also can’t let visitors feel professional blog and special note, it is very difficult to form a concentrated value. So personally, a blog without a central argument is very valuable to others (except for those who care about you, of course), and is not conducive to the growth of brand value.

secondly, want to run a successful brand blog, must be in a professional spirit, from the perspective of visitors to make a variety of decisions.

what color what color theme? All pages need what kind of function? Is it necessary to add a contact? This article of life bagatelle can already published? This article has much value for the visitor? Whether the page or content, all need further analysis. For the blog writer, mentality is the premise to make the right choices: you must always remember that your blog is for hundreds of thousands of visitors to read, not just your personal space; and visitors are focused on your blog, because your article value instead of your nagging! With such a mentality, in order to improve the overall situation from the visitor’s browsing experience.

we can often see some bloggers on this blog: my blog is my own business. And then look at the entire blog, but can feel the blog as >