The black stand mean and having no sense of shame

is who I do not say, I knew that the station has been reduced from 5000IP to 200IP is not let me? GG less recently included 1000 pages Baidu less included in more than and 100 pages, the other is not to say, you as for this? A non-profit for the purpose of the blog for you /p>? "

a month I black 4 times ah, this time really pick ah catch in the early hours of Thursday, you really shameless and TMD, a set of word " people can not shameless to the point "

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Jin ah!

shameless! How come out of China this kind of garbage characters! You all come to see! I grass your ancestors! Have the ability to delete all the data on my station! You try!

QQ:592295668  my name: Ma Ming; Tel: 13181609606  address: Shandong Yantai Xishan Road, 64-3

TMD has the ability to face such a dirty means don’t singled out from the heart, Lao Tzu despise you!!! A bunch of garbage. Don’t think grass TM personal webmaster bully.


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