Bank transfer free internet banking victory

allows banks to bend over is not easy, can make the five major commercial banks to "free" package is not easy. Never be the five major commercial banks jointly announced the transfer free, make a lot of friends, including small, namely, surprise and confusion, the bank bigwigs figure is what


February 25th, ICBC, the Agricultural Bank, construction bank, bank Chinese Chinese, China Bank five banks jointly announced, will continue to customers through the mobile phone bank for domestic remittance transfers, free of charge; in addition, the customer 5000 yuan renminbi online banking remittance will waive the fee.

at present, China Construction Bank has published in the official website on the implementation of electronic bank transfer remittance fee concessions notice. ICBC is also 25 from the beginning of the mobile banking transfer free of charge, the remaining three will continue to announce the start time.

explore the reasons behind the bank fee free, the national policy to encourage the development of inclusive financial needs are the driving force, but the rise of Internet banking is also an important force can not be ignored. The researchers of domestic well-known Internet financial platform ease loan that the rapid rise of the financial impact of the Internet on traditional financial institutions become more prominent in recent years, especially in the field of retail business, have time to catch up with the Internet and traditional financial institutions on the financial enterprises.

on the one hand, the size of the user in the field of mobile finance currently more than 820 million, accounting for more than 1 billion 280 million of total mobile Internet users in the, and the penetration is still rising. On the other hand, the huge success of Alipay and WeChat to pay two giants in the field of mobile payments to the traditional financial institutions to drool with envy. At this point the banking sector to cut into the mobile phone bank transfer payment, payment field, there is a significant means to regain lost ground.

in the economic downturn, market-oriented interest rate reform, the impact of Internet banking and other factors, the traditional financial institutions are not good days. Now, the banking industry by giving benefits to people, to give up the original large cake, retain old customers and attract new customers, hope to be able to change some of the bank customer transfer habits, especially not rely entirely on the third party payment platform users. In the analysts, the bank will not only end users back to the bank remittance, accurate understanding of the movement of funds, but also further promote the application of electronic channels, it may produce a chain reaction in other business.

, however, market analysts believe that the Internet banking platform in terms of customer experience, interface design is better than traditional banks. Therefore, the traditional Internet banking financial benchmarking enterprises should focus on improving the user experience.

in fact, the banking sector is also due to the reduction of customer transfer fee policy guidance. Last December 25th, the central bank issued "on the improvement of individual bank account services to strengthen the account management notice", requiring commercial banks to further improve the bank account service, according to different business processing channels, develop differentiated pricing strategy, with low cost or free > to depositors

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