The nternet 2015 gods abdication and silver age

if you want to make a summary of the 2015 Chinese Internet, then the "gods abdication" may be the most appropriate, from BAT to 360, millet, the U.S. group, commented, where to go,, cheetah mobile etc.. Silver age, perhaps after a long time to experience the reality of 2015, no longer sexy, squeeze the bubble will always run through.


if you want to make a summary of the 2015 China Internet industry, then the "gods abdication" may be the most appropriate. There is no doubt that millet is the first you will think of the company. In the last round of financing, millet has announced its valuation of $45 billion. Recently, however, people have realized that the valuation is too much water, such as Bloomberg in an article publicly stated this point.

In fact,

is overvalued from the beginning, not now. In the valuation of $45 billion millet from last year, Yin Sheng wrote an article "why millet $20 billion" most, the valuation is considered the mobile phone company model, business model and apple three modes of possible model results, and in the beginning of this year, "2015: the battle of anti millet and millet year", I again expressed concern at the myth of millet, millet is trying to enter the market in the end:

The key

millet in the business model, is that the user must have a strong dependence on the product, otherwise its value will depreciate sharply, and ultimately dependent may come from the millet platform exclusive service, but before the platform exclusive service form climate, it needs other sources of differences, and increased a little in the end brand impression, is currently the best source, otherwise, once because of competition and other factors lead to the goods and services of low-end products, and is still young, the business logic may be stuck.


has become a reality: in the first half of this year, millet mobile phone sales 34 million 700 thousand, while HUAWEI’s sales of nearly 50 million. Even if the first half of the year to maintain the pace of millet sales may only barely reach its annual target of the next track. In fact some institutions including TrendForce and Nomura Securities, is bearish on Millet annual results, expected annual sales of millet even this goal 80 million rail can not reach, the income is likely to decline over the same period, HUAWEI’s sales volume may exceed 100 million.

no matter how the final figure, the myth of the millet no longer seems to be a foregone conclusion. Although millet has been claimed to be a Internet Co, but if it does not become a consistently successful mobile phone or Hard Suits Inc, even its teacher apple, has now begun to suspect it would be without a. In an earlier article "is still millet mobile phone company", Mr Yin has expressed similar views, and that attempts to set up the mobile phone chip industry chain advantages and has the advantages of globalization of HUAWEI, is more likely to be successful:


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