Guru Ma and his disciples wealth feast Ali over millionaire

guru Ma and his disciples wealth feast

September 19th, the United States of New York, the Alibaba Group officially listed for trading on the NYSE, Ma holding on the mallet. Figure /CFP

September 19, 2014, for Alibaba group is a day of wealth.

Alibaba group listed on the first day of the New York Stock Exchange opened at $92.7 per share, much higher than the $68 per share issue price IPO.

Ali IPO financing $21 billion 800 million, becoming the largest ever U.S. listed transactions.

recently, overseas mainstream media are in "Ali heat" as the title of China e-commerce make a fuss, the preacher of the image of Ma Yun is also the major television channels broadcast.

as a "leader" Jobs founded Apple myth "reality distortion field" as long as the scene heard "ordinary people China business guru Ma speech, mostly with such experience:" I want to start! "Impulse bursts.

a group of people with such an impulse, together with Ma created Alibaba.

February 1999, Ma took 17 people to set up a Alibaba, the 17 men became his first disciples. There are some people, after leaving the foreign financial officer, bank executives, Interpol captain identity to follow Ma, now became the Alibaba partner".

these people, and now share the wealth feast with ma.

Ali everywhere millionaire

to IPO opening price of $92.7, Ali employees want to reach ten million yuan (RMB), the need to hold more than 17 thousand and 560 shares of Ali group shares. And become a million yuan (RMB) threshold, is the need to hold more than 1756 shares. As a result, Ali will appear everywhere millionaire scene.

a Ali level is P6 technical staff, said Zhang Xing, with him at the same level of shareholding in about 2000 shares or so, a little higher level of P7 between about 3000 to 3500 shares. In general, ordinary graduate students can get P4, P5, after one or two years of work can rise to P6.

According to Ali

employees revealed that nine years, ten years old, shares in the hands of many tens of thousands or more per person. Three years ago, the introduction of foreign personnel at the grassroots level has dropped to 10 thousand shares. Over the past two years, different levels may be given to thousands of shares. Now there are fewer options to come in, and need to reach a certain level.

in the creation of the rich movement before the arrival of Ma to remind employees, rational view of wealth. In May 7th, Ma Yun said in an email, "this is a happy thing. We must also adhere to the principle of "earnest life, happy work"."

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