DELL $67 billion to finalize the industry’s largest acquisition of the founder of an open letter

DELL said in a statement, agreed to $67 billion acquisition of data storage company EMC, which has become the largest mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector.

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October 12th, DELL said in a statement, agreed to $67 billion acquisition of data storage company EMC. This is equivalent to DELL in the share price of $33.15 acquisition of EMC, this is EMC10 month 7, the closing price of 28%.

the acquisition of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry, the new computer giant was born. The deal broke the chip maker Avago Technologies to $37 billion acquisition of Broadcom sector mergers and acquisitions record.

previously, Reuters reported on October 9th, informed sources, DELL is seeking to strengthen the corporate customers of cloud products, so the decision to acquire data storage company EMC negotiations with the bank. EMC’s current valuation of about $52 billion, the main product is the enterprise server storage hardware and software, and network storage related products, software manufacturer VMware has a cloud, a market capitalization of approximately $34 billion. According to the previous Bloomberg reported that this year’s revenue is expected to grow by about 3% EMC, will hit the lowest growth rate in 2009. Last year, EMC accounted for 21% of the market share of data storage, is DELL’s two times, the transaction will further consolidate DELL’s position in the data center business.

interface news had reported in October 9th that DELL is negotiating with banks to fund the acquisition of data storage company EMC. Subsequently, there is news that DELL raised $27.25 per share in cash, plus cloud computing company VMware shares, the acquisition of EMC.

public information, the two companies are the beneficiaries of the Internet wave: 1990s DELL was founded in 1984 in the production of notebook computer assembly started, EMC main information storage business, founded in 1979.

with the transformation of the Internet industry, DELL in improving the PC product line, but also began to strengthen security services, cloud management software and business integration services. 2013, DELL to $24 billion 400 million to complete the privatization, but also with many cloud service providers to try to provide customers with private cloud services. Acquisition of EMC, DELL is expanding business areas, and access to data storage market is an important means. At the same time, DELL will also gain access to EMC’s many strategic value of cloud storage and big data companies, including VMware, RSA, Greenplum, Isilon, etc..

announced the acquisition, DELL founder Michael · (Michael Dell) issued an open letter on this transaction, the letter reads as follows:

"I am very excited to tell you that DELL

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