Alert crooks under the guise of Blue Ocean venture in the name of deception

universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, emerge in an endless stream. The webmaster is a liar transform all kinds of tricks, to seek benefits.

is reported in the group, met a under the guise of "Blue Ocean venture" in the name of an attempt to obtain technical experience and project. The swindler claims to have an interest in the project and technology of the group, and invites the team members to present their project prospects and experience.


group members immediately suspicious, then search for "Blue Ocean venture" on the Internet, found on the official website, the official site had heard of the matter, and issued a statement on the site: we found that part of the agency’s number under the banner of "Blue Ocean venture" or partners in the near future, through the website message, MSN, QQ etc. for the project trust, taking the contact way of the project and its core data. In order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs are not infringed, issued a solemn statement of blue ocean venture capital, we did not authorize any organization to the form of access to project information, project site of the company’s core data taking institutions for some malicious behavior, we will retain the evidence and follow the law of the right of recourse. The project should also be vigilant in the process of contact with investors and intermediaries. Hotline: 021-51801336.

Admin5 is also the first time to write this article to improve the vigilance of the webmaster, to avoid being deceived by the liar, and suffered unnecessary losses.

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