Buy site transformation mall introduced physical B2C impact of the original business

in the IPO block, burn bottomless pit, retrenchment rumors of group purchase industry, to the mall seems to be the breakthrough of the transformation of straw.

in October this year, Wo Wo Group announced that its "55 Living Mall" officially launched. Within a year, 55 life mall will move into the 100 thousand merchants. Chain stores, a certain size of the flagship store, the owner of the trademark business, will be given priority." In December 7th, Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong in an interview with reporters, full of confidence. In addition, such as glutinous rice has said that it will be purchased by the local transformation of local life services, and public comment, 58 city competition.

reporter learned from a number of people in the industry, handle began to adjust the business form, in the group to join the local life Service Mall elements, hand in hand, the mall will be on the line. Hand in hand with the business plan to sign a long-term cooperation contract, by hand on behalf of the operators of their store on the mall, and free or low-cost promotion, discount products and service information.

capital chain rupture risk, whether or not to join the mall element, can not change the final results." For peer mall hot, the United States Mission CEO Wang Xing said.

buy mall hot

in Xu Maodong seems, although the low price, but can not meet the needs of the diversity of the user, the mall no time limit, no limit, will save a lot of manpower costs, business development costs. The group purchase is "sneered," the cost of investment is very large.

according to the reporter, in order to blunt sales, from August this year, the proportion of physical class buy in the whole group to buy a substantial increase, reaching 30%. This ratio is generally between 10%-20%, such as the U.S. group, tick group is controlled within 10%. An industry source told reporters, in kind to buy just to stimulate short-term sales, in the long run, with the development of the group is a departure from the idea.

mall after doing a lot of physical B2C come in, then the business will have a great impact on the type of buy." CEO Chen Ou told reporters that the real class of group purchase is more like B2C, need to have their own storage, to ensure the quality of goods, and even to improve the user experience of self logistics. But this is not associated with the value of the site itself is not too much, in fact, B2C. As early as 2010, began to form B2C cosmetics group purchase operation.

in this regard, Xu Maodong said that the 55 Living Mall will not real class group purchase, only focus on service life, as long as all the service life of the idle away in seeking pleasure, is big enough, the store has a space.

however, the U.S. group net, tick group has also made it clear that the website won’t add store element. Buy is to help businesses marketing, mall sales, the difference between these two ideas is relatively large." Tick group CEO Song Zhongjie believes that the group purchase website should focus on group purchase, then do some increase rates on the basis of accurate.

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