PHPWind7.3 release circle mode waves

in many expectations or speculation, PHPWind7.3 version finally appeared in the eyes of the attention.

on the evening of March 18th, PHPWind official forum posted posted at 24:00 PM, the official website of the forum upgrade to version 7.3, caused a warm response, just a few hours, the reply has more than 10 pages. In March 19th, after the official forum to upgrade the novel appearance, added a new mode – "circle", forum, portal, circle, three modes for member selection, "PHPWind mode" series has formed.



greatly enhance the forum’s interactive capabilities

According to the official PHPWind

posted that 7.3 version of the new "circle" model is still applied to the original forum system as the foundation, in the traditional forum system, into a more customizable rules, in order to promote the communication between the members of the forum.


forum has dual characteristics for members, its core members with strong loyalty, these members are very familiar with each other, while the majority of ordinary members are between the spectator and the loyalty, for ordinary members not keen to post to the forum, loyalty is relatively weak, this number is thousands of times and even loyalty million times. This part of the main characteristics of the members is the lack of energy or enthusiasm to integrate into a group, and the traditional form of the forum to meet the interaction between members is relatively weak.

According to the

7.3 test version of the experience, the forum and SNS circle pattern will be the perfect combination of elements together, dynamic display of rich personal space and friends, will greatly enrich the interaction between members of the forum, the relationship between members is more stable, for ordinary members of the wider into loyal and core members with great force. It is easy to think that, in the case of the number of registered users and online unchanged, the amount of PV forum will grow rapidly. So for the webmaster, is tantamount to the number of users to expand the forum countless.

SNS rooted native soil

as one of the most abundant Internet applications, the forum itself has a high value. However, SNS faces the temptation, many webmaster indecisive. In order to catch the SNS boom, some have a lot of popularity of the owners in order to accommodate the new platform to another portal, this risk is distracted, probably the new site is not good, also led to the loss of the original popular forum.

although the school has been successful, but the Facebook will be copied into the school, not the majority of the domestic webmaster can learn from the road. For most of the forum webmaster, re accumulation of popularity or the cost of user migration is very high.

this is a test of the forum software provider, how to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of webmaster, for hundreds of thousands of forums >

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