nterpretation of group purchase sites of the three pet phrase financing, profitability, N left home


group purchase website rise for two years, people began to flattering its usual "pet phrase". "Financing × × $", "as × × when the profit" and "to × × the only N of the" big three group purchase industry become the pet phrase. Why would these often appear? "What is the intention behind the pet phrase"


"already financing × × USD"

at the end of September, in the "capital chain crisis not only exposes the contradiction that 24 coupons and investment was the rumor framed, also claimed to have received a new investment," to support the 24 tickets go on forever". But the 24 ticket CEO in the press conference Du Yinan ‘s plan has not come, still no audio.

domestic group purchase website starting in 2010, was favored by the capital, VC, PE large-scale enter, but last year, the time listed group purchase originator Groupon is delayed, so that the capital market of the investment in the heat of a sharp decline in group purchase website, perhaps because can not see the group purchase mode of profit prospects and eager to withdraw, Groupon, 24 a number of group purchase website voucher funding strand breaks the news began to frequently came from last year. Once the funds can not keep up, also have been tangled layoffs, wages, payment of arrears of business problems by derivative.

, a group buying site has been financing × × dollars, this message has been spread between two years, $30 million, $50 million, hundreds of millions of dollars"…… No amount of financing to distinguish between true and false, insiders revealed that in fact some financing can only stay quiet account, see, touch, but this news was a blow to competitors, for the group purchase website, its own funds is not enough, but there is no lack of ability in financing, hematopoietic group purchase in the industry, it is only a matter of time collapse.

iResearch analyst Su Huiyan believes that the dissemination of financing information, regardless of the employees, partners or consumers, have a positive side, boost confidence, stimulate the market is obviously the role, especially in the winter when the bitter to group purchase website. Data show that, in addition to the August public comment received $60 million financing, as of now, this year, the domestic industry is not new to buy the new funds.

"up to × × achieve profitability"

earnings for domestic buy site, is still a look very beautiful thing. 24 coupons claimed to have found a new high margin products to achieve a quasi profit. But what is quasi profit 24 coupons have not responded.

reporter read the previous interview data found that the group of companies have set up a profit commitment. The >

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