Watch maker Swatch wants to enter the automotive battery industry but questioned by investors

Beijing time on December 23rd morning news, three years ago, the world’s largest watch maker Swatch (Swatch) group won a record sales stride forward singing militant songs. Swatch CEO Hayek (Nick · Nick Hayek) announced in an interview several newspapers in 2015 and early 2016, he took the company into a new direction, start the electric car battery project, to 2020 to achieve 100 sales target to 15 billion dollars.

but investors say the plan is expensive and unrealistic, group sales in 2016 are expected to be lower than last year’s 8 billion 450 million Swiss francs ($8 billion 360 million), a reduction in inventories rose, Hayek refused to complete the daily efficiency target value funds, causing investors to question on the group strategy.

EFG fund manager Erskine Asset Management Co · Beck (Urs Beck) will be included in the top ten holdings of Swatch, he said, Hayek had already lost some of the trust of investors, because the latter prediction does not always come true.

"when he says 10, you know that it’s actually 5," Beck said. "There’s a limited amount of information about the Swatch battery, and Hayek’s forecasts tend to take a long time to deliver."

Manache (Carine

Kuran the black · Menache) operates an investment company, holds a large number of Swatch stock. She believes that the future road is certainly not flat, but she has her as in the past, Masukura in August when the share price fell below 250 francs when.

"this appears to be a trick, but hope is not a strategy," she said, adding that Hayek is a good manager, but should be more involved in the diversification of products, luxury accessories, more limited edition or smart watches.

"I didn’t hear they were cutting costs, but they should do it."

Swatch group spokesman declined to comment on group strategy. He said the company has been managing costs, but does not intend to cut production capacity now or in the future.

he said in October this year, Hayek accepted the Swiss "Daily" (handelszeitung) of the statement, he said: "we don’t just wait, we have been moving forward, but there is no reason to change our strategy. As for efficiency and cost, we always try to get better."

Hayek has often stressed that he and his family, the controlling shareholder of the group, will not cut jobs or raise prices in order to delight in the financial markets seeking short-term profits.

so far this year, Swatch shares fell 21% on the basis of last year, fell by more than 10%. In contrast, its rival Richemont (Richemont) stock price declines of 7% and 19%. 12 months earnings, Swatch is Richemont 85>

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