Mao Wei new top-level domain name open application domain name era or open

, the forty-third session of ICANN held in the midst of the opening of the new top-level domain, the new top-level domain has become one of the important topics of the meeting, chairman of the domestic network company, chief scientist Mao Wei CNNIC attended the meeting. This afternoon, Mao on the opening of the new top-level domain name brings opportunities and challenges for Chinese companies as well as the Internet, and users interact.



: Chairman of the network company, CNNIC’s chief scientist Mao Wei (speed transit network plan)

Mao Wei believes that the new top-level domain and.Com domain existing similar difference between private cars and buses, the former can be exclusive, their planning, high maintenance cost, low maintenance cost, sharing the latter, but the domain name space is very crowded. The new top-level domain name can bring benefits to the enterprise is mainly to protect and enhance the brand, enhance the competitive advantage of the business and improve network security. He said: "after.Com, the new top-level domain of global open applications, China industry is undoubtedly a brand with the world stand on the same starting line, so as to enhance its own brand excellent opportunity, and for the most direct and obvious enterprise website domain name and brand, you need to trade names and trademarks intangible assets proactively planning and protection, creating a global network brand."

it is reported that so far, Japan and Australia have more than 100 top-level domain application, as compared with the world has the most Internet users in China are scanty, talked about the reasons, Mao Wei said: "the main China enterprise brand protection awareness is not strong, and the enterprises in the new top-level domain for the importance of the enterprise is not very understand, the third aspect is the application fee is higher and the enterprises do not understand the application process and related policies and regulations."

How to apply for

for business, Mao Wei said: "the applicant must meet the requirements in the aspects of legal person qualification, financial ability, technical and operational capacity, the stability of DNS, any one does not meet the conditions will be in the first instance dismissed or ordered a retrial. If the enterprise did not pass the first batch of applications for trial because of procedural reasons, the second application time is also the fastest after 2 years."

exchange, users also mentioned in "Baotuan application" to question, Mao Wei said: "for many enterprises that hold together, will be entrusted to the new top-level domain’s application to the third party, and by the third party to represent, can for enterprise China words right in the world, a China enterprise sound. Through the third party service provider, the application of the new top-level domain companies can also share the basic information and technology platform, to some extent, reduce the cost of the application of the new top-level domain name."

, according to Mao Wei, the application of the top-level domain for the enterprise significant. He said that the top-level domain name is the core of the Internet based resources, unique, scarce, strategic and other characteristics. The new top-level domain name and Internet business applications, you can create a new business model, but also the Internet

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