The story of the grassroots webmaster ‘m smug!

      2006, my friend began to record the net, than money spent N bought space with OY.

      he be in full swing enthusiasm, busy awfully, as my brother,

feel happy for him!

      just don’t know what to do at the beginning of the mess, he looked unhappy, think at that time he also have to kill their feelings, ha ha!

      do not know is not a bad thing, only

smatter difficult!

      Internet access, learning technology, see the information, every night after three to sleep, it is really so every day, busy day and night!

      day has been a long time, finally ushered in the outbreak of


      his wife quarrel with him, they scold, to strike violently…

      he loved his wife very much, and at his wife’s request for divorce and his own child, he compromised….

      in 2007, his website was released, also received praise, there are more than 6000-9000 daily IP with good advertising hits, closed at 2000-3000 in the month of.

      of course, he did not rely on the website to eat, in his words: careless, smoke money!!!

      ha ha, cattle, thousands of banknotes when the smoke money…..

      in fact, I think he cares about the sense of accomplishment!

      and I, ha ha, good moral character, feel good enough money this thing, a small place, not what too much takes place, so, don’t put money when things, even if I do not work, monthly also give me 1000 pieces of pocket, less take it, ha ha

      five factory house, a power station, a gas station, dad mom is a professor at the school, the self-employed, home as a child, so I keep

as treasure!

      200*, is a high school in the interest of the network, with the first QQ, oh, do not play the work, there are five days a week in the cafe in the Tunghsiao, ah, ha ha, that was

to laugh!


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