DedeCms2007 will be released at the end of November

takes into account the various needs of users, in the development and evaluation process and ultimately settle the official version of DedeCms 2007 improved or new functions are as follows, mainly on the interaction module adjustment is relatively large, is expected to be released in the end of this month, because if the art integration delay, the official will be published for the first time, and provide Demo.

DedeCms 2007 final function list

a new model or plug-in

1, product release model;

2, novel model;

3, a simple classification information model;

4, custom form system;

5, Q & a module (similar to Baidu know);

two, new or improved function

1, the fixed resource tag can be used to mark the resource attribute ID buffer to reduce the number of database read;

2, adding custom columns small classification, such as supply and demand, rental, sale, flat-share attributes program can index the different attributes of the content;

3, add custom search options function;

4, increase TAG function;

5, the background column can be connected to external links.

6, increase the site statistics, such as the number of columns and so on a number of articles and support template call;

7, friendship chain template tags;

8, download system error reporting function;

9, the acquisition system automatically detects empty title filter content;

10, member system:

a, all open channels can contribute, support visitors contribute;

B, add custom user registration protocol function;

C, station SMS function;

D, the station friend function;

e, circle function;

F, the enterprise space function, enterprise members can achieve the equivalent of automatic station functions, including company profile, contact us, online messages, online orders, product / product display, supply and demand information, company name card module.

11, re adjust the attachment upload management problems, members will no longer use file attachment management, database management;

12, fix the PHP5.1 version of the PHP may appear above the time zone problem;

13, background editor integrated FLV player;

14, the background to add a key to generate total station function;

15, administrators can manage multiple columns at the same time;

three, features


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