Who is the kidnapping of nternet users rogue Sogou 360 outbreak of mid autumn war

Beijing, September (Xinhua) 22 for the Chinese Internet, the Mid Autumn Festival in 2013 and no peace of mind. Just get Tencent (410.2, 7.80, real-time quotes) injection of Sogou, and had nearly a marriage between the 360, the outbreak of a war of words in the war between the 1.94%.

Sogou claimed 360 in the case of the user’s knowledge, the default settings Sogou browser users will be changed to IE or 360 browser, unfair competition behavior. While 360 expect to upgrade and update the Sogou input method thesaurus as an excuse, a large scale induced bundled browser behavior, 360 to prompt the user to induce bundling Sogou legitimate behavior. For a time, similar to the 3Q war clouds once again enveloped the autumn night, once again faced with the choice of Internet users.

Sogou: 360 tampering with the user browser default settings

September 20th, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan forwarding users micro-blog said, from yesterday (19 May) has received a large number of users across the country to the complaints of 360, micro-blog also see a lot of feedback. This rogue behavior beyond the legal bottom line, but also a great harm to the user." Wang Xiaochuan said Sogou has evidence for this.

on the morning of 21, Sogou released an official statement said, received a large number of user complaints from the morning of September 19th began: Sogou browser user default setting is changed into IE or 360 browser, and the user manual recovery is invalid.

Sogou survey statistics show that a large number of Sogou browser users in batches, sub period, sub regional affected. Affected users in addition to Beijing, but also Guangzhou, Xi’an and other cities and regions.

Sogou bluntly, according to the preliminary judgment of technical personnel, Sogou browser users default settings in the user’s knowledge of the situation changes, and 360 security software. Sogou statement also called on the 360 companies immediately stop the impact of unfair competition behavior of the user experience, advocating a healthy competitive environment.

21 evening, Sogou browser posted on its official micro-blog tutorial to guide users how to restore the default browser settings.

360: Sogou input method exists to induce bundling behavior

face Sogou accusations, 360 appear innocent. 21, 2009, also released a statement on the user’s browser to distort the accused denied, saying that the user has the right to know and the right to choose, and accused the presence of Sogou input induced bundling behavior, in violation of the relevant provisions of the Ministry of industry, the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Ministry of.

said in a statement 360, after a $448 million stake in the Tencent Inc investment Sogou, during the Mid Autumn Festival this year, tying behavior become aggravated Sogou input method, input method to upgrade and update the thesaurus as an excuse, large-scale bundled browser induced behavior. As a security software, Sogou bundled software behavior, 360 to the user risk is completely reasonable and legitimate.

360, like other security soft

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