The development of local web site

local website extension that is a kind of social development to a certain stage of the product, when the development of a local economy to a certain level in the economy, living standards and information must have a general style of their city, the place of the website is one of the most timely and most convenient one a shape, give a person a kind of the whole city is in their own hands can conveniently operate.

The development of

bottle neck local website: blocked by local culture and economy, the popularization of computer now is 3 to 5 years, according to new things to meet a person in a process of adaptation, especially in people over the age of 30 now, they are not very cold on this far however, the main economy is now in the hands of the master that a group of people, so we do in the local site must consider the cultural areas, and the new contact ability. Maybe you’ll say a computer in his home, oh, a computer can not accept the network they represent, do not believe that the network can give them the benefits of these, I said is a medium-sized city with "if Shanghai, Beijing who do not have to say", where your economy is how can an average of three people have a computer that was not bad. If you can achieve this level there should be no problem, the other year, your ability to plan.

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