From the entrance of the room is scheduled to see how to seize the hot category information network

today is the last day of the 09 college entrance examination. The annual college entrance examination is not only related to the fate of millions of candidates, but also affects the hearts of the candidates parents. Often this time the most anxious person is not a candidate, but the candidates parents. The parents for the children to get good grades to want to do logistical work, to provide a comfortable environment for the candidates before the exam. So each year the entrance room business booming, the Gaestgiveriet Hotel also took the opportunity to rest room entrance a whoop and a holler, what concessions, candidates with ticket entrance provides nutrition package free ah, all the publicity are the name of college entrance examination in two words. Hard to find a room "has become a common phenomenon in college entrance examination rest room reservation, so the network has become an important way to the emergency room reservation. It is the largest network page 701 search data, a week before the college entrance examination, free Internet phone calls to the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Urban Inn cumulative frequency doubled, a predetermined amount also rose sharply.

catering accommodation industry saw a huge opportunity, from the college entrance examination in the same, all kinds of popular information is closely related with people’s lives are boundless business opportunities, how to find out the profit from it becomes an important task of related industries. In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, the development of classified information website has embarked on a new level. The 09 year development of classified information website an important turning point, under the influence of the economic crisis, companies are saving promotion expenses, compared to the previous popular advertisement, Baidu PPC and other network promotion pay because the price has gradually lost the trust business. The classification of information website by buying key words in the form of the theme of the page to promote the business, get a lot of small and medium businesses favor. How to seize the opportunity to quickly occupy the market has become the most urgent task of the classified information network, especially the local classified information website.

college entrance examination online booking hot for comprehensive classification information network and professional hotel reservation network is a very good promotion opportunities. Adsense nets satisfied that the promotion of the network information classification is the most important to do online and offline combination. Here is how to talk about the next line and how to use the college entrance examination room is scheduled to promote.

a, online promotion:

1 keyword. SEO is also a way to promote. In the Baidu search keywords "college entrance examination hotel reservation", will find the first page of the search results, there are many hotels booking network and tourism information network are doing this keyword. In the early stage of the college entrance examination related keywords search volume is very alarming, if you can do a good job of popular information keywords, will bring a lot of traffic.

2 local forum promotion. You can go to the relevant local forums related to the release of information advertising. Such as: an examination room close to the hotel online booking 20 percent off discount". This ad should not be excessive, so as not to cause resentment of others.

3 in the site to do publicity. Can be placed in the home page is often the location of the ads, or publish relevant information. Such as: in the home page of the local examination room attached

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