Ghosts of the micro-blog marketing chain war

Li Kaifu once said, "micro-blog has changed everything," and so it is. Today, almost everyone has a micro-blog account, at the same time, enterprises "micro-blog" account we are bombarded, "micro-blog" isprofoundlychangepeople’slifestyles everything, people from all walks of life in the busy learning organization "collar". The moment between enterprises "micro-blog marketing activities like World War broke out as a get out of hand, who can win more fans and attention, who can achieve their ideal marketing effect of" micro-blog ", who has a better micro-blog marketing creative content, who won!" micro-blog marketing "since it is a the Internet is an unavoidable war, so in the" micro-blog "this battlefield is bound to pay attention to tactics, we brought JUE giant micro-blog marketing experts to talk about these tactical skills!

, a tactical strategy: micro-blog micro-blog enterprise chain marketing, not simple to set up an account is micro-blog marketing, micro-blog want better marketing, the need to establish a let their influential communication platform, so the platform presented in the matrix, such as the company’s official micro-blog, and then extended to all department in an enterprise, generally divided into various departments, the most simple is the enterprise leadership, marketing department, customer service department, and individual employees of micro-blog, including business leaders and departments need to add micro-blog V certification, there are major events in the company, all departments are involved, or forwarding the publication enterprise has always to the leadership and administrative micro-blog interaction between the active atmosphere of "micro-blog" through their own internal staff, forward each other, Each comment, micro-blog also has life, since it is life, it needs sunshine, the enterprises need rain, these employees is the sun, is the rain, to micro-blog in the life.

two: Tactical carefully crafted micro-blog content creative: creative content in Coca Cola Co should be said to be doing pretty well, Coca-Cola almost every micro-blog content are equipped with text and pictures, and all of their products and Xixi related product packaging is carefully crafted, attractive. Innovation is now one of the lack of competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, an enterprise if there is no innovation, then no matter how strong the enterprise, it must not go far. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise.


Three, careful

tactical play emotional card, with the raising of living fans: people are emotional animal, do micro-blog marketing more exquisite feelings, first is the mutual recognition to establish liaison relationships between people, maybe you have many fans now, but the fans are ready to cancel the concern you the power in the relationship between the treatment and the fans, sometimes need to be careful, the same word, different people say to the person’s mood is not the same, so on behalf of the people speak in micro-blog’s enterprise must have the same affinity, dove is fed in the park, and some more food in the man from dove so, micro-blog and so on

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