DC how to use A5 blog alliance to promote

I am in Chongqing, a IDC company is responsible for sales, my salary is my sales commission, but now do this too much, really do not know how to promote. Our company is in the website of a lot of stationmaster kind to put a few ad, but a lot of users came to leave, do not have value. Every month to spend a large amount of advertising and manpower costs, the company has opened many meetings for this matter. For this matter people are distressed to death, but I often look at the news in the Admin5 webmaster network news, learn from everyone’s experience and enjoy the purchase of some owners of the webmaster network services. These services are really good, and Admin5 webmaster network resources are very strong, the credibility is also worth to ensure that their own set up a number of blog alliance is also very good, I also spent money to buy this service. The union leader Admin5, " ", for beginners; he often teach me some promotion, planning knowledge, because this service had previously been senior A5 users to use, but now out in the open so that we can use to buy, so I will talk about my past is how to get it, and buy Promotional services the effect of.

estimates that some people do not know this union, I was not clear, it is added to the novice QQ before asking questions to understand. Here I simply describe it, A5 blog alliance service, is to help you put your site advertising accurate delivery to some user groups. For example, if you are a IDC site, then they will screen out the webmaster blog and blog. The article not only detailed description of your site, but also indirectly introduce your website products, but also with text links. In the article of the spread of crazy but also improve the weight of your site and the creation of a valuable site users. At that time he was looking for a column of the author to write the article, this article was reprinted more than 3 thousand, so far to search also exist, it can be seen that the effect is good. I believe that a lot of people in private is also in this speech, then our company will be more than a customer service, there are several aftermarket.

This is because

Admin5 do I feel at ease, then directly spent thousands to let them give me, because we put each month to other website advertising fees are more than tens of thousands, the marketing department can also believe that blog marketing and hard collocation complementary, increase the proportion of customer resources. Then from the planning to the article writing and promotion, I have no pressure, all by the A5 blog alliance to get me, and I was on a webmaster forum, also found a paste is about our IDC. Have to admire the A5 blog alliance talent and creativity. This brings more value than traditional advertising effect.

and I also found around many brothers love to write a blog, a waste of time on it a little more, also can join the A5 blog union to earn money, but it is very strict audit. A lot of people would say that there is an ad in the blog that is also called a blog? So why so many people in the blog inside hang googl>

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