Product analysis the future path of NetEase aesthetics of beauty makeup community

2.1 know almost

know almost a real network Q & a community, the community is friendly and rational atmosphere, the elite of all walks of life. Users share each other’s expertise, experience and insights, to provide a high quality of information for the Chinese internet.

More than

from Baidu Encyclopedia

the following table is almost unknown since the date of birth, the main Android version of the iterative process.


many versions of the upgrade function, the key nodes are as follows:


Through the analysis of

, we can see clearly that the development path of knowledge is divided into two stages. The first stage, cultivating spirit, committed to the establishment of high quality community culture, when knowledge barriers set up, accelerate the pace of working on the realization of the road, such as on-line fast iterative known function live, appreciation, known bookstores and other popular applause function, the final 7 years of sword, among the Unicorn the column.

The first stage

talk first about how to protect the content of the "quality" of high quality, establish effective content creation and distribution mechanism? How to protect the atmosphere of "community", to enhance user stickiness? This is the fundamental problem of all the work carried out to solve the stage.

read it together and know how to do it.

(1) from the people, strictly control the content of the creators of the entrance, the early adoption of the invitation to register. One is to ensure the authenticity of the user real name identity, and avoid too much garbage information. It is for this reason, the author thinks, know almost from the date of birth, it is doomed to a rigorous wind.

(2) from the content recommendation mechanism to establish a sound content management system.

ranking mechanism: through dynamic Wilson algorithm to calculate the answer ranking quality, answer to the relatively late time have more exposure opportunities; user experience at topic weights, expert users in the good topics under the investment weight will be higher than the ordinary users to vote.

message mechanism: the default receive all the information, in order to reduce the quality of answer to the user push messages cause trouble, there is a similar gray testing mechanism, in simple terms, is the new answer below a problem, will only notice a small number of people, according to this, a small part of the vote to decide whether the push message to more people.

anti cheating mechanism: if the user posted a copy paste text, or a large amount of time to answer a short time, will be blocked. Through this mechanism, to prevent someone from using the same account in a short time to answer a lot of questions, resulting in low quality content. (source: product designer Huang Tao is aware of the product column)

(3) to maintain a good community environment, the establishment of integrated friendly system. Make a clear definition of unfriendly behavior in the station

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