Hong Chaozhong furniture industry in the nternet dealers will go

With the development of economic globalization, the competition of the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, especially after the impact of the global economic tsunami, the small and medium sized enterprises in China’s labor-intensive furniture industry are at stake in the

. In the face of such a difficult economic environment, innovative marketing ideas to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is the only choice, and the furniture industry, Internet marketing has also been born.

furniture industry internet market analysis

The overall development of

Chinese Internet technology and E-commerce Internet marketing led to the furniture industry rise, because the Internet is not restricted by time and space, but also can save a lot of cost in the premise of orders through the Internet, in recent years the development of the logistics industry also China Internet marketing for the furniture industry fueled furniture enterprises business in the context of the Internet is more convenient.


traditional furniture dealers will go

Electronic commerce

furniture industry has two modes: one is the dealer for the production of enterprise sales, this model called B2B model; another model is the consumer oriented furniture dealer terminal sales, this model called B2C model.

production of furniture enterprises in the Internet under the background of network marketing to promote the brand, through the Internet at the same time after single profit, because of general production enterprises in the face of national or foreign export trade, so to a large extent the development mode of e-commerce on the Internet is a very good choice. For the end user oriented marketing, consumers need to see the kind of furniture experience, so there is a big limitation in space, so in the fierce competition of the traditional channels under the furniture industry dealers should decide on what path to follow.


regional e-commerce to help dealers out of the woods

was once the home appliance industry leader Gome, Suning Appliance Industry in China is unable to shake, but just a few years time Jingdong rise of the mall again to Chinese traditional channels confirmed the power of the Internet industry. The furniture industry stores will face the same crisis and Gome and Suning, the high operation cost is the bane of their.

Sub regional furniture mall operation mode of

in this environment is similar to that China group Bo network turn to bring the furniture sales terminals, China group Bo Bo network group is an online shopping mall, group purchase integrated furniture e-commerce platform, consumers can refer to the price image information on the Internet, but also can be ordered online also you can experience the next line, can not only meet the demand of online shopping can also meet consumer demand for physical experience, while the group Bo network were strictly seriously to ensure that consumers enjoy low prices at the same time also can put the quality and customer service service heart of settled merchants. This model increases the turnover of furniture dealers to open up a new business model for the future of the furniture industry dealers. Text >

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