On the 100 of the world’s most influential public relations company how to make public relations – e

dabbled in industry:

100 of the world’s most influential public relations companies tend to dabble widely. They represent industries such as technology, automotive and navigation, electricity providers, health care, mining and manufacturing, retail, catering, and public organizations such as the White House or the European union.


PR experience:

public figure on the list, with an average experience of 9.5 years. Among them, 19% of employees working in the same company for about 3 years, about 64% of the staff of about 10 years, the remaining employees have more than 10 years of service, including the length of service for more than 20 years.



the world’s most influential public relations company executives also have a distinct gender distribution. Of these, only 33% of executives were women, and 67% were male. But it is estimated that about 70% of public relations executives are women.



compared with the previous year, less than 27% of public relations companies feedback that their overall PR budget of more than $100 million. 11% of the PR budget between $75 million and $100 million, have the same number of reflecting their budget between $50 million and $75 million, 30% of the estimated budget in 10 million to 50 million files, 11% of the budget in 5 million to 10 million, while 5.6% of people said their budget feedback is less than 5 million.

40% or so public relations companies said that in previous years, the budget has increased; 30% of people said that the budget has been reduced, and the number of people think that the budget has not changed substantially. In addition, 71% of public relations hope to increase investment in marketing and copywriting this year, which is in stark contrast to the previous situation – there are 80% of people said they would like to spend more on social media budget. Today, only 67% of people think they should increase spending on social media.

interviewed public relations companies, only 50% of the budget to spend on the company’s brand promotion, and another 38% want to increase digital marketing and data analysis equipment. Of the remaining companies, 24% would like to invest in the advertising industry, or hire more experts in the 19%, the 14.3% will further strive for sponsors, as well as the use of the budget to maintain the customer relationship of 5%.



there is no doubt that all of the PR companies involved in the survey said they were responsible for hiring or firing auxiliary companies. At the same time, they are also the main person in charge of external communication: compared with previous years, there are now 70% of the public relations companies in the digital marketing and social media companies to occupy the

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