Hongkong issued 5 Alipay, WeChat approved deposit and payment licenses

August 25 Japanese: Hongkong Monetary Authority announced that payment for five value (SVF) licensee issued the first batch of prepaid payment license, including Alipay, Hongkong Telecom Tap& G WeChat Pay (shot live tours, WeChat paid, TNG electronic wallet and octopus).


according to the Hongkong monetary authority data show that before the date only allows Alipay online payment in Hongkong, but WeChat is to pay online payment, P2P transfer services are allowed. Hongkong local operators include online payment, mobile payment, P2P point of sale and transfer of physical card.

also, ant gold dress international division vice president Peng Yijie said, Alipay is expected to launch in October the Hongkong version of the electronic wallet in the Hongkong, at the same time as the fundamental conditions for Hongkong to provide users of drink such as Tesco mobile life services, there is a discount this month launched Alipay wallet will not charge fees. In addition, currently Alipay users cannot use the cash to recharge more than HK $5000, the total balance of purse is not more than HK $100 thousand.

According to the Hongkong

before the HKMA data show that to apply for licences deposit and payment tools for a total of more than and 20, about 70% of the applicants for the existing operators, to participate in the new company is only 30%.

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