30 minutes to read Jingdong in the end how much money to resolve the valuation model

how much is the Jingdong worth?

a comprehensive analysis of the investment value of Jingdong thinking map. 30 minutes, read Jingdong.

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how many times can a person’s life catch up with good investment opportunities


if you are in the apple iMac flat panel display desktop release in September 2002, to $15 price to buy a few hand Apple stock and firmly hold, and now your earnings are 42.9 times. If you invest in Tencent in Hongkong in June 2004, its stock price has risen from $4.5 to $248 now, with a yield of about $3100%. If you invest in Baidu in August 2005, then, your $66 per share will rise to a high of $718, earnings of $1080%.

wealth is always tied up with great opportunities for innovation. Originally an old traditional industry to decades of accumulated wealth, emerging industries may only take a few years. Zach Burke from the beginning of the February 2004 launch of Thefacebook Facebook’s predecessor in the Harvard campus, this epoch-making the social network model across the globe. May 18, 2012, Facebook to $16 billion on the market, Zach, in just 8 years, became the world’s top fourth richest man in the world.

investment is also true, if an enterprise can use technology to create profit growth, it can create value for shareholders. 1999, IBM (micro-blog)’s flagship product 2.5 inch disk drive began to embark on the road of flooding the goods. Fortunately, IBM quickly created a consulting and system integration in the high-end market has been a senior business, this emphasis on creativity changes, so that its profits follow.

well, we now know that the Internet is now the most popular social and e-commerce. Well, there are two major e-commerce companies: Alibaba and Jingdong. Alibaba June 2012 delisting of the Hong Kong stock market, Ma Yun (micro-blog) seems to have no intention of listing. So, when the news came from Jingdong listed, so that many investors are very excited – they even have a gossip mentality: Jingdong is the biggest miracle of electricity business, or the scandal of China’s electricity supplier.

is it the future of Tencent or Baidu, which brings huge wealth to people,



Jingdong competitiveness come from (click to view the big picture) Jingdong investment value analysis

What is the

valuation model

1, the cash flow discounted value model

would like to know how much the value of Jingdong, it is better to know about the value of a company

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