December 24th Hubei won the spam spam report to the top

IDC on the network ( reported in December 26th: December 24th, according to the real-time statistics of China Internet association anti spam Information Center released by the domestic spam server IP address mainly in Hubei Province, Guangdong province and Beijing area. Among them, Hubei Province won the first ten spam, spam server IP address number up to 1088. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements.


(Figure 1) Chinese spam mail server IP regional distribution

, as shown in Figure 1, Hubei ranked first in the top ten spam sites, the number of IP addresses up to much higher than the other 9 provinces and cities in the area of. Guangdong rose to second, up to 450, Beijing, up to 406, up to third. Henan 301, Jiangsu 235, Hunan, the 170. The remaining four regions, the number of spam server IP are less than 100.


, we turn our attention to the world:


(Figure 2) IP region of the international distribution of spam mail server

as shown in Figure 2, in the international area distribution map, the IP address of the spam server is still concentrated in China (CN), up to 3011, the United States (US) ranked second, for the number of about 1/10 in china. Belarus (BY) for the 141, Ukraine (UA), Russia (RU), the 109 of the 117. The rest of the 5 regions, spam server IP address digital are less than 100.

it can be seen that in the world, China’s spam sent the worst situation, the number of spam mail server IP address is much higher than other countries or regions. However, compared with the previous few days, on December 24th this day, the vast majority of domestic provinces and cities in the number of IP addresses to send e-mail spam has decreased, the situation tends to be optimistic.

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