Mou Changqing twenty-eighth days written in the establishment of the 28 push

is in 28 as everyone knows, pushing the singles day launched, which is November 11th. To December 8th of this year, just 28 days time. I used to look back on the development of a web site, weekly or monthly cycle summary, because the 28 push the meaning of the name, so choose to talk about their feelings on the twenty-eighth day. Although only a short span of 28 days, but there are many stories. From the same day the site launched 2000 people registered for several days to be malicious attacks on the server, the site can not run normally. Although the 28 push was established for 28 days, but also began to experience some rain. It is very clever, but also yesterday, 28 members of the push to recruit the end of the task, attracted the latest push of the twenty-eighth members of the 28. 28 to push, 28 members gathered again.

today’s blog is mainly to share with you, the 28 push from the official launch of some of the current site data. Today, I would like to write down the previous 28 strokes to recruit members of the task of feeling, but feel that the next time to write a separate more appropriate. Because the feeling is too much, do not want to have accumulated in an article, I am afraid that we do not have the patience to read. Now to share with you the first 28 push some data.

A: 28 push ALEXA ranking


through the above we can see that the 28 push ALEXA comprehensive ranking has reached 13932, China has entered the ranks of the region’s top 500, slightly lower than my other site go9go. Just look at the ALEXA may feel that the 28 push is very strong, the flow is not very high. In fact, do the webmaster website friends know, general webmaster website because the user is the main crowd, installed ALEXA toolbar more people, so ranking is easier to go up. Although the ALEXA does not mean high traffic on behalf of a large, but at least there are a lot of webmaster user access.

a lot of friends will be curious why the 28 push on the first day of the launch there are so many people visit this article today is not how to share the promotion of the 28, I do not share details of the details of the promotion. But first revealed a message, micro-blog is very awesome. If you are doing network promotion, but also did not attach importance to micro-blog this promotion channels, it really out, and now it may not be too late to pay attention.

two: 28 push Baidu index


28 push Baidu index is the highest peak in November 13th, the day of the search light, the 28 push this keyword has a total of more than and 500 people. I have done the site’s brand words, the highest single day search. My other site go9go, the highest when the Baidu index is more than and 200. And now 28 push to maintain the amount of search in more than and 300 people a day.

Baidu index indirectly reflects a site’s brand influence and visibility, it can be said that the 28 push from the first day of the launch, in the

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