Website creativity new ideas and methods for the promotion of pet blog

many companies are using virtual spokesperson, such as Haier brothers, beauty bears and so on, so the enterprises by setting up their own virtual spokesperson blog or blog marketing purposes under the guise of a pet? Those who are interested can study. As for the significance of pet blog, I would like to at least with the help of a pet blog to establish a business or image, through the mouth of the pet delivery of enterprise and product ideas, with the help of the pet to achieve the purpose of marketing. I’ve tried to create my own pet blog and started practicing and exploring this idea. My pet blog ideas and forms are as follows:

people to build a blog is not rare, Gou Jian blog only strange!

since my dog to speak, I also go to set up a blog, this is not, I give my dog white blog.

dog dog language – dog white blog

my dog white from the embrace of temper has been very gentle, but recently more and more character. The last dinner in front of her own bowl to wait, don’t feed her she is anxious not to rush. But when we eat recently she always head to eat, mouth also kept no name, every time I am very strange, because she is not with the call, but really like people whisper, I heard her say "I have dinner together with you, when you no matter how always eat me every time I jokingly said" you want to white you say, you say I will let you take the table ", but for her mouth is more weakly, the scene is really have something to say, I think if one day white really speak I wouldn’t be surprised.

didn’t think it was coming so soon.

white dog said that the first sentence "brother! As long as you dare nonsense, you will become a writer"

August 9th in the afternoon, I sat on the sofa and watched the TV drama "magic" journey to the inside of the mobile phone, Huangmei King actually through time and space to the modern, it looked inside the plot, I couldn’t help feeling that "it is a nonsense era", suddenly a young children pick up a "brother, if you dare to cook up, you will become a writer, I turned to look at my dog is white head, white is really talking? Except me and my wife, no third people, really is a white boys? But we cannot tease her, she don’t talk.

dog white more words please log on dog dog language – dog white blog blog address: creative network contact Yin Huiwen qq:337172412 group: 13119606

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