To mutual aid to sunning road bus station waiting

Who lives in West District, want to go to the public in the future in Huzhu County no longer run to the Bayi Road passenger station take the bus, to facilitate travel, recently, Xinning road passenger station 6 new car, via a high speed to Huzhu county. This is the reporter learned from the city yunguanchu July 15th.

it is reported that the Xining bus station demolition reconstruction, previous to mutual direction class line vehicles from Xining bus station to Bayi Road passenger station, but to live in the west, north of the city to go to Huzhu County of the people, go to the mutual aid has become very inconvenient. In order to meet the needs of passenger travel, in coordination with the city yunguanchu under the specifically deployed 6 trolley to Xinning road bus station, in the future people will be able to help ride from here. The new departure time is: starting at 7 in the morning every day; since then every half an hour to send a bus; until 6:30 p.m.. read more

With the administrative service center of the masses more convenient

"The city government administrative service center is high efficiency!" August 5th, just run the birth certificate of Mr. Liu told me satisfactorily. Last year when we do a marriage certificate, the staff of the Advisory desk is very close to remind us, remember to apply for a permit and the procedures for the transfer. And the relevant procedures for the manual to us. Today, from the number to the end of less than 20 minutes. Particularly convenient!" Mr. Liu said.Since

August 2010 Golmud municipal government established the administrative service center, has been adhering to the "integrity, convenient, efficient and honest" service tenet, always adhere to the "should enter into the necessary, can enter into the necessary" principle, and is closely related to people’s administrative matters, all included in the center, the city’s various units, various departments of the implementation of "one-stop" office, "one-stop" service. At present, the center of each window staff administrative approval rights, the right to audit and coordinate the disposal right, for results to the right permissions, reduce application in internal departments transfer time, improve work efficiency, facilitate the masses, realized the optimization of environment to improve administrative efficiency, the goal of. By constantly accelerating the construction of e-government service platform and realize the Lemu de Guo Township, town, township and other part of the township government service’s platform links, interoperability has laid the foundation for promoting open government and government services extended to the grassroots. read more

Xining virtue young honest and trustworthy star

grade six girls do extraordinary

North Street Primary School in Xining city

District of the sixth grade girls Xu Zongpin Yu, the name is unique, but the most unique is that she "is one or two is two" attitude towards life.

Zongpin of Xu Yu, will come true, really say false hypothesis is the most difficult, as she was criticized by the teacher in the school to make mistakes, is that parents don’t ask, she will tell parents to listen to authentic, many children on the contrary; go, she thought that does not comply with the public order of the people is not good faith, only mom and dad was correct, she criticized several times…… The most typical one is that last year, she picked up a huge amount of cash in public places, a woman holding a child after seeing, rushed up to grab, she will hold the money in her arms…… Later, she will be more than 8000 yuan a lot of money into the hands of the police. Afterwards, her deeds on the "Xining evening news".   read more

Xining CPPCC to carry out the spirit of learning eighteen

In November 24th, Xining municipal CPPCC Committee organized the CPPCC study and implement the spirit of eighteen Congress, listed CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing made a speech, and invited eighteen representatives and CPPCC members, city deputy secretary of the Party branch, theatre artistic director Qu Qiaozhe to convey the eighteen spirit.

, Qiaozhe in Qu party eighteen experience, and the experience of the spirit of eighteen deeper understanding, more, with the person in charge of the municipal CPPCC Standing Committee, members of the participants, county CPPCC leadership, the democratic parties and business, as well as the municipal CPPCC organs all cadres and workers in the learning exchange. read more

Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department issued the notice arrangements for the 2017 New Yea

new year is approaching, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department issued on the 2017 New Year’s day, the Spring Festival mass cultural activities notice, do a good job on the new year’s day, Spring Festival, the province’s cultural activities were arranged.

"notice" pointed out that, during the new year and Spring Festival mass cultural activities, to fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and the previous session, the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially in the spirit of the forum and the Chinese Federation ten, China writers nine important speech on the opening and an important speech in Qinghai inspection as a guide, to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, meet the cultural needs of the people, promote the cultural construction as the overall goal, will carry out rich and colorful festival cultural activities with the propaganda of the central and provincial government major decisions and plans to combine with the current "two a" combination of learning education again, since with the propaganda of "12th Five-Year" and "13th Five-Year" in Qinghai during the year in the fields of economy, society and culture made Feng Shuocheng Fruit and the emergence of new things, new weather, new combination. Continue to unite the cadres and masses of entrepreneurial spirit, in order to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream and strive to build the "three areas", "create a highland" provides a strong impetus. read more

The city will play a statistical reform combination punches

In March 20th, the municipal government statistical work conference held in the city, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang pointed out that this year the city will further develop good service statistics service leadership decision-making, social development, the demand of public service functions, and comprehensively promote the reform and innovation statistics, played a set of statistics for the reform and development of "combination of boxing".

Xining urban entrance examination scores designated key high school lowest score 498 points average

according to the "Xining city in 2012 graduated from junior high school and senior high school (secondary school, occupation technical school) to implement the views of" college entrance examination, candidates volunteer, combined with the examination results, Xining City Bureau of education enrollment in strict accordance with the procedures for marking work. August 2nd, the Xining urban high school admissions exam leading group meeting to determine the average high school admission line in Xining in 2012. read more

Qinghai online merchandise sales growth

Qinghai yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, dried beef, yellow mushroom…… Qinghai specialty in the online collection. Whether you are in Guangzhou, in Beijing, in Shanghai, as long as the mouse will be able to taste the authentic taste of Qinghai". The reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, last year Qinghai business enterprises to change the management idea and mode of circulation, through self built e-commerce platform or relying on the third party e-commerce platform to actively expand the market, expand sales, the province’s e-commerce has shown good momentum of development, rapid, rapid growth of the online sale of goods.

at present, our province sales enterprise the rapid growth of the number of the public network. As of the end of 2015, the province’s wholesale and retail Catering Enterprises above Designated Size, through the public network to achieve sales of goods for the 27 companies, an increase of 15 over the previous year. Through the public network to achieve sales of goods accounted for more than the province’s wholesale and retail accommodation catering enterprises proportion increased from 3.2% last year to $6.8%. (Note: the wholesale industry: including the main business income of 20 million yuan and 20 million yuan more than the wholesale enterprises; above the retail industry: including the main business income of 5 million yuan and 5 million yuan more than the retail enterprises above the limit; accommodation and catering industry, including the main business income of 2 million yuan, 2 million yuan more than the accommodation and catering enterprises). read more