Lu Guofu how to optimize the analysis of competitors

then we should look at the overall layout of the site, because each industry website will have a different pattern. So our website pattern meets the user experience? Look at this medical site, we found open website is the overall color to light green,

this is the most direct expression, when we get the analysis of a website, if we as a user when accessing the site open speed was very slow, you will continue to wait or click directly off the next site? As I now take over this site access speed not so fast, I think the development of the site or have a certain effect. So we have repeatedly mentioned the factor of website space in the first row is the reason. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan selection and determine the target site keywords

index began to love

select the target website keywords from the Shanghai

in Shanghai love index initially confirmed several keywords to search for love in Shanghai. A few places here we should pay attention to is the first check several sites in the front row, we can remove the promotion website and love Shanghai, know love Shanghai encyclopedia love Shanghai home products. See the row in front of the domain name of the website, is the top-level domain name or just a website page. Of course, we hope that it is a page on the front page so we use the home page to do the words will be very easy. Then is to look at the number of search results. 1-50 000 page is very easy to do our website home page. The 10 million page above saying this word is very hot. read more